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Physical Therapy

Why Utilize Our Team?

If you are recovering from surgery, suffered an injury, or have been dealing with chronic pain, our fully certified staff can assist you in restoring function and managing discomfort.


The South Texas Bone & Joint team strives to provide you with orthopaedic excellence. Our inter-professional approach provides a unique and seamless continuum of care that will maximize your opportunities for success. We work hand-in-hand with our doctors to make sure your injury or surgery-specific protocol is followed. This helps us design and implement the best plan of care possible, which is both individualized and guided by the latest research.


Our team provides primarily one-on-one care in a professional and fun environment. Each visit is guided by a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy or Physical Therapist Assistant, as we pride ourselves on giving our patients the best quality of care as we help them reach their optimal level of function. 

We provide care in a safe, yet challenging manner, with most of our treatments emphasizing functional stability, strength, endurance, coordination and balance, and return to your personal goals. Modalities are only used on an as needed basis. Each session is tailored to your individual need. 

Our team also addresses full body mechanics. Not only do we treat the specific injury site, we work through the kinetic chain as a whole, providing a top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top approach - acknowledging that each joint can affect the entire chain.

We welcome you to contact our facility to see what South Texas Bone & Joint Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation can do for you.

Sports Performance

For athletes to be in top physical form, proper programming and coordinated care is key. It takes a team, working on a customized plan, to maximize athletic performance.

Sports performance training includes:

  • Injury prevention techniques

  • Body mechanic analysis and sports specific training

  • Cardiovascular and endurance training

  • Training for speed, agility, & power

  • Nutrition guidance

  • Pre- and post-injury recovery, and

  • Safe return to sport post injury.


"Great staff - The Physical Therapy staff is wonderful. They want to give you the best experience possible. To help you recover from your injuries. Friendly and very accommodating. Thank you for all your help and encouragement. ♥️🙏♥️.” M.G.

Physical Therapy

Location and Direct Line

5917 Crosstown Expy 286

Corpus Christi, TX 78417

Phone  361-806-5030

Fax 361-561-0609

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