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Proper Ergonomics
Pre-Employment Assessment
Injury Prevention
Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)
Work Hardening and Conditioning
Customized Programs

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Getting You Back To
Work & Keeping You There

The physicians and staff at South Texas Bone & Joint are committed to providing injured workers with the highest level of care and compassion. We provide prompt, specialized, orthopedic care for each individual that comes through our door. Our orthopedic physicians and surgeons will consider all treatment options, including nonsurgical and conservative techniques, only recommending surgery if absolutely necessary.

Our goal is to provide employees and local businesses a comprehensive work health program that emphasizes using proper body mechanics and ergonomics necessary to perform work-related tasks with increased safety. This includes: injury prevention, performing a thorough assessment using a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE), which can be performed by our certified Functional Capacity Evaluator, as well as developing customized programs for each individual and their job setting. 

We want employees to feel that they have the tools and capacity to continue a safe and healthy relationship with their chosen industry.  For all your industrial rehabilitation needs, let South Texas Bone & Joint make, Your Care. Our Priority. 

South Texas Bone and Joint Workers Compensation
South Texas Bone and Joint Workers Compensation

Injury Prevention

Pre-Employment Assessment

We can work closely with employers and employees to help identify physical barriers and regions that are at high risk of musculoskeletal injuries, job tasks that typically facilitate injury, body mechanics that can lead to injury, and personal deficits that could result in repetitive over use injury. We are equipped to evaluate and design a multifaceted program that keeps you and your employees safe within the workplace.

Ergonomic Training


Ergonomics is how efficiently people interact within their work environment. Ergonomic Training focuses on task(s) identification, work space efficiency, body mechanics and varying postures throughout the work day. Identifying issues that could become a future musculoskeletal obstruction and risk can save valuable employees, time, and money for a company.

Our Ergonomics Analysis focuses on the following:

  • Individual work space within the physical footprint of the company

  • Individual employee bioawareness and body mechanics for their job detail

  • Solutions to problematic areas that can decrease risk of injury

South Texas Bone and Joint Workers Compensation
South Texas Bone and Joint Workers Compensation
Ergonomic Training

Work Hardening & Conditioning


These goal-oriented, intensive, and individualized programs are designed to help a recovering (medium-to-high physical demand) employee regain functional deficits that may still be lingering post-injury. The worker is appropriate for these programs if they have stabilized or plateaued from their initial injury, but are still unable to safely return to work due to over overall deconditioning, limited functional capacity, difficulty with higher level activity execution, or working on relieving minimal impairments. Both programs will focus on the employee holistically, not just the specific site of initial injury.

An employee that enters one of these programs should expect the following:

  • An initial evaluation with questioning on job-specific tasks (bringing a job detail is always helpful for your examiner)

  • Participating 4 days per week, building up to 4 or more hours a day

  • Full body conditioning and strengthening

  • Working on body mechanics and safe-handling techniques

  • Working through simulated work tasks and productivity

Both programs require a multidimensional and interprofessional approach for employee recovery. Communication and collaboration between employee, employer, case workers, and physicians plays a vital role in the recovery process to help the employee return successfully to work.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Our Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) process gives an independent and thorough picture of the individual employees' physical competence. Taking into account body structures and function, systemic factors, activity level and tolerance, participation requirements and restrictions which are based on the individual's environment and personal factors.

Our Certified Functional Capacity Evaluator takes a comprehensive physical exam including: medical status, history, mobility, strength, endurance, material- handling capability, transitional skills, balance, coordination, vision, hearing, and job specific work-related tasks. The FCE aids to draw a clear picture of employee capabilities, to make sure there is a limited risk of injury or reinjury. 

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