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Providing Orthopedic Excellence and Surgical Care for over 50 Years

Orthopedic Excellence

South Texas Bone & Joint comprises a team of highly qualified, competent, and experienced fellowship-trained orthopedic doctors and surgeons specializing in their orthopedic discipline. Our motto is to provide subspecialty, musculoskeletal comprehensive healthcare services to the Coastal Bend and its surrounding areas. Our team specializes in treating various conditions ranging from general orthopedic conditions to more sports or work-related injuries involving the neck and spine, hand and wrist, shoulder, footankleknee, and hip. Whether you require surgical or non-surgical intervention, our group has you covered.

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The staff was the most professional and knowledgeable organization I have been associated with. I highly recommend them to anyone who is requiring a location to get treatment for themselves or a loved one. They didn’t treat me like I was just another patient; they were right on point with my appointments. I did not have to wait like other offices I’ve been to. In my particular case I was in an auto accident and needed surgery ASAP. They recognized the urgency and in no time at all I was treated. I recommend you do not hesitate to choose this facility; you will not regret it.


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