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World Spine Day 

The spine is a critical component of the body. It plays multiple roles; from holding up your head and shoulders, keeping you up right, protecting your spinal cord, and allowing mobility to bend and twist through daily tasks. Watch Dr. Borkoswki (STBJ) and Dr. Alexander speak on World Spine Day.

Total Ankle & Dr. Larkins

Most of us have heard of knee and hip replacements, but many are unaware of a surgical procedure that can help another key joint... the ankle.

STB&J on the Sideline

Sideline evaluation tents provide a more controlled environment for doctors and athletic trainers to assess the athletes on the field.

Dr. Masciale, Dr. Montgomery, Dr. Ferrand

PT on the Sea

Letter From Magpie Crew Mate James Mayo:

I just wanted to write on behalf of the Australian Sailing Team and Team Magpie 1447.
I cannot thank you enough personally for the incredible professional support and help I received from the minute I walked in the door.

Physical Therapy Team

Best of the Best

Our Physical Therapy Clinic was named one of the top three best PT clinics in the 2023 Corpus Christi Caller-Times Best of the Best Community Choice Awards! We were so proud to have been nominated and named as a top three finalist!

We are South Texas Bone and Joint

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