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We are honored to be accepting the Business of the Month Award by Rockport Fulton Chamber. Our team continues to strive for excellence, not only, for our patients, but in our community endeavors and partnerships

Injury tents to be placed on CCISD football game sidelines by KIII.

"Being able to see them in that controlled environment and really be able to diagnose well. Making sure nothing more serious is going on is an important process," sports physician Dr. Scott Easley said.

Team doctors, which includes local orthopedic physicians from South Texas Bone & Joint and other organizations, along with athletic trainers will staff the tents, The Caller Times.

"I just wanted to write on behalf of the

Australian Sailing Team and Team

Magpie 1447.


I cannot thank you enough personally for

the incredible professional support and

help I received from the minute I walked

in your door.


I arrived on Friday night, four days out

from the beginning of the World Sailing

Etchell World Championships in Corpus Christi at 5:30 pm,unable to barely walk after just coming off the water practicing.


I was assessed soon after by the most caring and thoughtful medical team of doctors. Shortly after, they asked for Dr. Jon Masciale, an orthopaedic spine surgeon to have a further look at myself. I explained we had 3 1/2 days to get me on the water for the start of the first race. I knew it would be a miracle if there was a way to get this done.


Dr. Masciale soon after made a phone call to Dr. Amber Ferrand, the head physiotherapist, who was already at home, to see if she would come back to the hospital and assess myself. Amber arrived very soon after without question. From this moment, she did a complete assessment of my injury and where my strength and weaknesses were in my body, and put a plan in place.


After a thorough consultation, she said I will see you back here tomorrow morning at the hospital and I will open up the physiotherapy room personally to start our recovery plan even though it was closed on Saturdays and Sundays.


Over the next 3 1/2 days she worked with myself each day inch-by-inch to build me back up to get me on the start line for the first of nine races over the next six days. On the morning of each day Amber also made a personal visit to the yacht club early in the morning, where we spent one hour warming up all the right areas of the body to allow me to compete at the world level.


I cannot thank you and your team enough personally for the care, dedication, thoughtfulness, and professionalism to take me for a man who could not walk on a Friday afternoon to then 3 1/2 days later competing for four hours a day at the highest level in the world over the course of six days, to help us finish second in the world titles by just two points.


Over my years I’ve worked with many physiotherapists around the world, but I have to say what I experienced with yourself and your doctors was the most professional experience I’ve ever had during my career. I believe the work you do and the way you do it is at the forefront of the industry."


Kind regards,

James Mayo

Pictured from Left to Right: J.  Masciale, MD, A. Ferrand, DPT, PT, Magpie crew mate James Mayo, and M.  Montgomery, MD

The spine is a critical component of the body. It plays multiple roles; from holding up your head and shoulders, keeping you up right, protecting your spinal cord, and allowing mobility to bend and twist through daily tasks. See Dr. Borkoswki (STBJ) and Dr. Alexander speak on World Spine Day.

Christopher G. Larkins, M.D. of South Texas Bone & Joint, discusses 'A total ankle replacement may be the answer if all else fails' Click HERE for the full article from KRIS 6 News.

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Corpus Christi: South Texas Bone & Joint Plans New Med Office Building with ER.

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